195: Tony Curl – People Value People Who Value People


ake a look at your team; what are you doing now to inspire the people around you and drive performance? Leadership is becoming more and more human everyday and I believe after hearing from today’s guest, you’ll have some new tools to build strategic culture as a leader.

Tony Curl spent over 30 years in operational leadership positions in the retail sector, leading teams as large as 300 members and managing revenue up to $300 million.

During his operational leadership career, he discovered a passion for developing others and this ignited a desire to become a professional coach. 

Now an accredited coach with over 10 years of professional coaching experience, Tony has helped hundreds of leaders at all levels to achieve their goals. He has 20+ years of facilitation of training, coaching and mentoring in organisations and is the host of The Todays’ Leader Podcast.

Dive into this episode if you want to gain a greater understanding about how valuing people can bring value out of them and into your business.

On this episode:

  • Learn how Tony’s background in retail and the Bunnings’ culture actually equipped him with the leadership skills he would go on to use to support other businesses
  • How Tony started getting involved in leadership by having excellent communication and rapport building skills
  • Too many leaders are just trying to get through the day. We should be thinking about how we and our teams can perform better
  • We know more about humans more than ever before, as leaders we need to stay relevant by capturing this change and investing in ourselves and people
  • The importance of integrating data and technology into what you do and how to do it
  • Your team wants to be valued. Learn how to invest in people through engagement 

Key Takeaways:

  • Following your passion and purpose 
  • Bring your positive work experience into your leadership
  • The importance of culture, communication and rapport building
  • Winning starts on Monday’s
  • Leadership is becoming more human – don’t get left behind
  • Don’t lose track of your long-term vision

Tweetable Quotes:

“The leadership principles, the ability to build rapport with your team and get the most out of them has really laid the foundation for me to be successful at what I do now.” – Tony Curl

“Things like building trust, developing people, that was the cultural side. So that was real key and critical. But then on the strategy side, it was about, ‘how do you inspire people and drive performance?’” – Tony Curl

“We’ve got to have leaders that understand how to build trust, and how their actions are going to continue to build and maintain trust.” – Tony Curl

You can get in touch with Tony on LinkedIn (linkedin.com/in/tonycurl) and Twitter (@tonycoachcurl). Don’t miss out on his podcast Today’s Leaders Podcast which you can find on his website thinkandgrowbusiness.com.au – for the best in leadership development. 


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