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Today’s Leaders know that success comes at the end of a process, a process that starts with growth, combined with intentional action. Investing in you as a leader is paramount to your success.

Transformative leaders lead from a position of trust and authority. They are the ones they turn to in times of need and make decisions for the greater good. This roundtable series covers a 12-month program of monthly discussions and one-to-one coaching. Elevate your leadership and elevate your team.

Trailblazers are energetic leaders driven by an ideal and a desire to fulfill their potential. Trailblazers are either climbing the corporate ladder or building a great start-up team. This roundtable series is built around self-leadership and building the foundations of great teams.  Build the leadership structure you need. 

Imagine working through leadership development with a like-minded group diving into the principles and working together to drive actions and better outcomes. What if this opportunity would be with leaders right around the world, sharing their insights and provide you with greater insight. Enquire now for 2021.

6 Benefits To Being in a Mastermind Group


Learning by Reflection

We dive into leadership resources that challenges us to focus on what you can take onboard and bring to life. Every thing we study brings checkpoints and questions for reflection.


Learning by Applying

In our groups, members are encouraged to share personal insight and application of the theories. Ownership comes when we share our stories and our insights.


Learning by Living

Our reflection exercises and actions plans provide the foundation for our living the material and truly making a difference to our leadership and our lives.


Positive Environment

The focus is on creating an atmosphere where we are safe to develop skills and our abilities in a positive sense. Free to explore and develop and be challenged and encouraged to build the best leader you can be.


A Strong Inner Circle

If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room.  Our mastermind groups are built from global leaders wanting to be the best today to build a better tomorrow.


Deliver Better Outcomes

Track record is important to the integrity of all leaders. When you get better as a leader, our team gets better and your results get better. All you need now is the commitment to join a group today.

Why Choose Us?

Our Today’s Leader Masterminds build communities of growth oriented leaders wanting to deliver more.

Coach Curl is a certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach and Mastermind Facilitator. John is acknowledged as the number one leadership expert in the world and Tony brings his real-world experiences as a practitioner of John’s work.

Online delivery provides convenience for our members. 

Our groups help create awareness, build actions and develop accountability partners.

The investment you make in yourself is the best investment you can make. It puts skin in the game and we guarantee your return.

We invite experts to be guests during our mastermind programs which allow Q&A with specific leadership and business experts. 

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