Transformative Leaders

Transformative leadership is our objective, taking knowledge, and turning it into intentional action. Leaders with belief, build better environments and culture for their teams to excel. Transformative leaders want to leave the world a better place. They understand how the dynamics of business will improve the world in which we live.

Is this YOU? Join our Transformative Leaders Roundtable

What's In It For You

The Roundtable Sessions

Months 1 - 2

Our first months envelop our greater purpose for the business we lead. We dive into the WHY behind our leadership and help you discover authentic purpose. These months set the base for the year ahead. This includes our first foray into inclusive practice.

Months 3 - 4

Let’s build your framework for organizational performance, Dissecting the latest theories and best practices, you will develop your personal framework for delivering better organizational performance. Your approach to personal strengths and diversity in the workplace supports the framework for performance

Months 5 - 6

Focusing on the role ethical intelligence plays in great organizations is the priority of months 5 and 6. Much has been researched about Emotional Intelligence and less about Ethical Intelligence, but we cannot stress the importance of this area for Transformative Leaders. Inclusiveness and diversity continue as a focus.

Months 7 - 8

Communicating to connect and influence. Enhancing our toolkit with real-world actions to increase influence and effectiveness with negotiations and performance. Listening, adaptability, and comprehension are just some of the skills. We lead in a global workplace and it’s imperative for leaders to embrace this.

Months 9 - 10

Strategic leadership is the hallmark. Understanding where the business is heading and remaining focused on the delivery, with a mix of good judgment, prioritization and intuition to look for opportunities as they present.

Months 11 - 12

Your own personal leadership model is the goal for the final months. Leadership models are integral components of great leaders and organisations and are developed to aid in every aspect of your business life. 

Your Roundtable Facilitator

Tony Curl is pleased to host the roundtable for trailblazing leaders like you. Tony is certified with the leadership programs of the number ONE leadership expert in the world, John Maxwell, and looks forward to supporting your leadership aspirations.

Next Group Starts January 2021

For just $599 (plus tax) a month, you will receive twice monthly three hour sessions, for learning, actioning, and being held accountable. The very best value and return on your investment guaranteed.

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