Calling all Trailblazers

Trailblazers are energetic leaders driven by an ideal and a desire to fulfill their potential. Trailblazers may be climbing the corporate ladder or building a great start-up team. This roundtable series is built around self-leadership and building the foundations of great teams.  Build the leadership structure you need from these leaders roundtables. This is not for everyone, but the question is….Is it for YOU?

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What's In It For You

The Roundtable Sessions

Months 1 - 2

Our first two months focus on self-leadership and driving awareness and intention. Life is in session, are you ready to go?

Months 3 - 4

Building from our first two months,you will dive into the value you bring, and pause to develop your strategy.

Months 5 - 6

Lets get consistent and work towards building the environment you need to build your best team

Months 7 - 8

What has stopped you in the past? Let’s uncover our approach to success and plan our growth.

Months 9 - 10

Your leadership is built from the foundation of your character. You will explore the tension this creates for your leadership.

Months 11 - 12

What is your why and what will your legacy be? The final two months brings out your creative spirits with your legacy statement.

Your Roundtable Facilitator

Tony Curl is pleased to host the roundtable for trailblazing leaders like you. Tony is certified with the leadership programs of the number ONE leadership expert in the world, John Maxwell, and looks forward to supporting your leadership aspirations.

Next Group Starts January 2021

For just $199 (plus tax) a month, you will receive a monthly three hour sessions, for learning, actioning, and being held accountable. The very best value and return on your investment guaranteed.

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Apply today and allows us to get you the best group for you.

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