The Dumb Leaders Podcast

Welcome to the Dumb Leaders Podcast. This podcast is an important part of the Dumb Leaders Handbooks now open.

Your Library of Lessons from Lousy Leaders

The Dumb Leaders Handbook shares the train-wrecks, the mistakes, and the errors of judgement that inhibit many leaders in their quest for success. The Dumb Leaders Handbook dissects these dumb leaders mistakes and provides you the benefit. The structure behind each post reveals the learning through STORY, SCENARIO and STRATEGY. We share a story, provide the scenario that happened (or may happen) and detail a three-step strategy to help you not make the same mistakes.

Every Leader has at One Stage Been a Dumb Leader

The Dumb Leaders Podcast
Welcome to The Today's Leader Podcast. This week I am sharing a leadership development episode, due mainly to being involved in the Outback Marathon at the foot of Uluru. Next…
Tony | August 4, 2021
Knowing what steps to take to lead people properly isn't easy to…
Tony | October 29, 2020
Today I have more questions than ever around what is happening with…
Tony | September 1, 2020
What started out as a look at the dumb leaders mistakes made…
Tony | July 22, 2020
Well, well well. While the world goes crazy fighting this COVID19, the…
Tony | June 24, 2020
Welcome to epsiode 69 of the Dumb Leaders Podcast. If you are…
Tony | May 20, 2020
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